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We’re ready to tackle your complex thermal management or micronozzle application. How can we help?

Below are common details that we discuss with clients to know if Mikros is a good fit for your needs. A simple name and phone or email is also fine for early stage projects. You may also email the Design Team at info@mikros.net

Paper rockets


  • Application Type: What are you cooling?
  • Component Power, Dimensions, Layout, Max Temperature
  • Coolant Type, Flow Rate and Pressure Drop Target, Inlet Temperature
  • Thermal Interface Material (TIM) and Mounting Pressure
  • Other Constraints: CTE, Height/Tilt Tolerance, Mounting, Flatness


  • Application Type: What are you jetting?
  • Nozzle dimensions, contours, layout
  • Nozzle material and foil thickness
  • Dimensional Tolerances
  • Other Constraints: Surface Finish, Packaging

We look forward to being in touch.