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Microchannel Liquid Cooling Over 1kW/cm2

Mikros microchannel cold plates are optimized to manage complex, high heat flux applications with the lowest thermal resistance and pressure drop available.

Mikros patented Normal Flow™ microchannel matrices can dissipate over 1kW/cm2 with as low as 30°C surface temperature rise and 3psi pressure drop. Our high-effectiveness heat transfer empowers designers to improve the performance, packaging and reliability of a wide range of complex systems.

Micorchannel cold plates

Let's Think About This

Insights into Mikros liquid cooling

Why Normal Flow™ microchannels?

  • Mikros Normal Flow™ microchannel cold plates optimize the high heat transfer coefficients and boundary layer effects of microchannels, distributing coolant evenly and normal to the heated surface.
  • Patented microchannel matrices can be tailored to almost any topology or power map at minimal cost. Pressure drop and surface temperature gradients can be negligible, depending on application demands.
parallel and normal flow

What can I do with a greater energy budget?

  • Increased System Power:

    3High-effectiveness heat transfer enables greater power input to chips, smaller heat-rejection systems, and tighter packaging.

  • Lower Temperature Spikes:

    Low thermal resistance allows the absorption of greater power spikes without the need for increased cold plate mass.

  • Lower Temperature Budget Requirements:

    Coolant inlet temperatures can be closer to the maximum component temperature as power is transferred to the coolant more efficiently.

  • Hot-Spot Mitigation:

    The option to tailor flow channels to a system’s power map allows for the elimination of hot spots and surface temperature gradients.

  • Increased System Reliability:

    Lower junction temperatures with the same flow rate increase the lifetime and reliability of critical system components.

Liquid cooling solution

How will Normal Flow™ microchannels improve my system design?

  • Low Thermal Resistance:

    30-150 micron flow channels provide very high heat transfer coefficients.

  • Low Pressure Drop:

    Short flow channels allow low pressure drop to move coolant.

  • High Thermal Effectiveness:

    High coolant exit temperatures facilitate better heat rejection

  • Scalable Performance:

    Normal Flow™ channel design decouples performance from cold plate size.

  • Compact Packaging:

    Matrices as thin as 2mm provide high heat transfer with


What if I don’t need microchannels?

Mikros also designs and manufactures cold plates for large-scale high power systems with varied heat flux requirements. We can combine microchannels for areas of high heat flux with millimeter-scale channels for areas of lower heat flux within a single cold plate or over interconnected sub-assemblies. High chip counts, large surface areas and diverse topologies are prime candidates for an advanced Mikros liquid cooling design.

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